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Barcelona Nightclubs - A short introduction to all


A breif introduction to more than 30 night clubs in Barcelona, what kind of music they play, where are the located, opening and closing hours and what kind of crowd goes there.  

Opium Mar
Embrace a fun and exciting Barcelona night life at Opium Mar, a place on the seafront with huge open air terrace. Opium Mar is extremely well-known in the Port Olimpic area of Barcelona. Their music is danced, but often combined with other genres. The place has a capacity of around 3000 people. This club is open from 12 am until 5am and its closest metro club is Metro-Cuitadella. For interested hang-outers, its entrance ticket ranges up to €20.

Sutton Club, a famous clubbing in Barcelona, earned reputation for its wide services and guests. This place is filled with a dance craze set-up and large bar amnesties. Since most DJs visit this place, they often play cool music with a mix of 80’s, 90’s and modern hits. This place can occupy up to 4000 guests due to its stylish and wide interiors. The party often starts late in the evening until morning. Diagonal L3 & L5 is its closest metro stop and for great accessibility, this place has an admission price of €15.

Experience a great party in Barcelona at Club Catwalk in Port Olimpic. This place has two wide floors for dance craze. Visiting this place feels like you are in heaven due to its stunning interior appearance. It also includes mixes of hot contemporary music for amazing night life. Catwalk can occupy around 1000 guests, and this place is always open from Wednesday to Sunday 10:30pm until morning. For guests’ convenience, this place is near to Ciutadella-Villa Olímpica L4 with €10 to €25 entrance fees.  

With perfect set-up and sophisticated interior design, Shoko Club has become one of the most in demand clubs in Barcelona. As compared to other Barcelona Night Clubs, this club offers great services that can meet your preferences. It is situated in Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta near Barceloneta L4. For best services, they play different music genres, from hot to modern types. This club can occupy around 500 guests. It is also open from 12am until morning with €15 admission fees.

Experience Barcelona night life at Sotavento due to its extravagant interior elegance and complete services.  This club is located near Port Olimpic’s twin towers and Cuitadella Vila Olimpica L4.  Due to the combination of great modern music, guests continue to visit this place. Sotavento occupies more than 5000 guests with €25 entrance fee. With its cheap rates, everyone can visit this place from 12am until 5 am. Its cheap fees encourage more guests to have fun in this place.

Hyde Club
Start experiencing a memorable Party in Barcelona with Hyde Club. This club offers a chic interior and is situated between two well-known streets such as Passeig de Gracia and Rambla de Catalunya. This place is also near to Diagonal L3. For guests’ satisfaction, they play the most requested songs and music. It can also occupy 500 guests or more. Hyde Club is open from 12 am until 5am with €25 admission fee.

Discover a new world by embracing a unique clubbing in Barcelona. With a stylish and large interior set-up, guests continue to visit this place. This club is located in Carrer de Marià Cubí near Gracia. If you happened to visit this club, you will be amazed of its great music with modern and hot genres. Universal club opens from Mondays to Saturdays, every 12am until 3am. Its admission fee also ranges from €15 to €25. It can also accommodate over 300 guests.

Nick Havanna
Nightlife scene with custom lightning and set-up, that’s the perfect ambiance in Nick Havanna. This Barcelona night life club is a perfect place for those who are longing to experience dance craze and distinct music genre.  This place is near Rossello and Metro L5L3 – Diagonal. With its huge place, it can occupy up to 5000 guests. This club has free entrance until 2am and operates from 12am until 5am. Visit this club and see how it can change your night life experience now!

If you want to experience Barcelona Night Clubs, why not visit Soho? This club is located in Carrer del Aribau that features stylish and modern set-ups. It offers a wide range of exciting services and plays modern and hot music. Its total guest capacity is from 1000 to 1500 with an average fee of €15. With its affordable fees, you can enjoy the Barcelona life at hand. This club is open every Tuesday and Thursday, from 11:30 pm until 5am and Friday and Saturday, from 11.30 pm until 6am.

Forget about boredom and visit Roxy located in Carrer del Consell de Cent now. This is a perfect place for your Barcelona night life. With its two floors in blue and captivating set-ups, you can experience a great night life. It also plays distinct modern music with a combination of dance hit fad. Its closest metro shop is Passeig de Gracia L2, L3, L4 and this club can occupy 550 guests or more.  This club opens from 12am until 5am and has €10 to €15 entrance fees, depending on its time. If you are bored and opt to unwind, this Roxy Club is extremely right for you.

Change your nightlife routine by visiting the best Barcelona Night Clubs. With a fashionable and eye-catching interior appearance with a combination of different music genres, this club has become well-known all over the world. Its place is also near from bus station and shopping mall for easy access. This club can accommodate over 2500 guests and operates from 12am until 3am. With its admission fee which costs €10, guests can experience a memorable night life that they shouldn’t miss to have. Visit this club now and experience the fun provided by an extra-ordinary club in Barcelona.

Costa Breve
Barcelona Night life
is here to make your life more fun and exciting. With a stunning interior design and wide dance floor, Costa Breve can satisfy the guests. This club is located in Carrer de Aribau and is near to Diagonal. Due to the modern and hot music of DJs, this place encourages more guests every day. This club often operates every Thursday to Saturday. Thursday is their University Life Style Night and can accommodate around 4000 guests with €10 to €20 entrance fees. However, these fees may vary depending on the club’s special events and promos.

Up & Down
Enjoy your Barcelona night life at Up & Down Club now! This club is situated near Nou Camp and Zona Universitària L3. With its captivating furniture and interior arrangements, guests prefer to stay here for longer hours. They often play party and contemporary music that fits to all. This club can occupy more than 1000 guests and opens from 12am until 5am, excluding Sundays. Party people can experience its party set-ups with €15 to €25 entrance fees.

The Bikini Clubbing in Barcelona is located near Avengida Diagonal with three main dance spaces and live music concerts. This club plays different music, from classic to modern genres.  With its wide dance floors, it can accommodate more than 4000 guests and opens from 12am until 3am. This club is closely near to Maria Cristina L3. For guests’ satisfaction, Bikini Club offers €15 admission fees. With these cost-effective rates, you can enjoy the night with no worries.

CDLC, also known as Carpe Diem Lounge Club Barcelona, is one of the famous Barcelona Night Clubs. This club is located near Hotel Arts in the Port Olimpic area, Opium Mar and Shoko. The interior looks of this club make it more fun and cool. This club also plays mix genres of music with a total capacity of more than 500 guests. CDLC is open from 12am until 5am and has an admission fee of €5 to €10. This club also offers free admission, especially during their promotions.

Apollo Club is known as the best
Barcelona Night Clubs due to its wide dance hall, main theater area and live music venues. This club can be found in the Poble Sec area of Barcelona and is near to Parallel L3. Crowds love this place because of its healthy mix of foreign and local music. It can also accommodate more than 1000 guests and operates every 12am until 3am. Apollo offers cheap admission fees that often range from €8 to €10.

Would you like to experience Clubbing in Barcelona? Then, you have to visit Razzmatazz to change your night life experience. This club is near Poblenou and Metro Station Bogatell on Yellow Line L4. With its large interior space, a variety of music and perfect appearance, most guests love to visit this club. This has a capacity of 4000 guests and opens every 12am until 5am. Its admission fee also varies depending on its time, but often ranges from €15 to €20.

La Carpa
La Carpa Club Barcelona is an open air Party in Barcelona with gardens and pools. It is located in Avinguda de Manuel Azaña and near Metro Zona University. This club also has perfect interior set-ups and wide dance floor. With its wide space, La Carpa can accommodate over 2000 guests. Though its entrance fees vary due to their special events, it remains affordable. It often ranges from €10 to €25 and opens from 12am to 3am.

Experience a superb Barcelona Night life with Suite. This is decorated with fashionable style and terrace garden.  This place is located in Sant Nicolau 1-3 and is near to Sants Estacio. It has more than 500 guests and plays different types of music that can meet your preferences.  As compared to others, its entrance fee is not constant, but has low rates. This club operates every 12am until 3am, depending on its special events.

If you are bored at home and want a memorable night life, why not visit Sotavento? This Clubbing in Barcelona is a combination of restaurant and lounge club, often found in Port Olimpic’s twin towers. It is also near to Cuitadella Vila Olimpica L4 and other clubs like Opium Mara and CDLC. This club is the first option of most guests due to its music playing, from local to foreign songs. With Sotavento, you can experience an exciting night life at reasonable costs. Its admission fee is €20 and operates from 10pm until 5am.

Aura Beach Club
Paradise set-up with combined stylish effects, that’s the simple description of Barcelona Night Life in Auto Beach club. This club is previously known as Ghoa beach club and can be found near Port del forum and Sant Adria de Besos. With its captivating set-up, this club grasps the attention of party lovers all over the globe. Most guests enjoy staying in the place due to its mix songs and programs. Unlike other clubs, Aura Beach Club can accommodate more than 1000 guests with free admission before 8:30pm. The club also operates every 8pm until 3am. It can be extended if there is a special event.

There is nothing more fun and exciting than visiting the best Barcelona Night Clubs like Fahrenheit. This club offers comprehensive services that can meet the needs of every guest. With its wide space, everyone can do everything they want. Fahrenheit is near to Diagonal L3 and L5 and can occupy more than 500 guests. The best thing about this club is its perfect music combination and cheap entrance fees. With €10, you can enter in every 12am until 5am and experience its perfect party scenes.

New Casanovas (Mary’s Place)
Extravagant set-up and alluring interior design, that’s the reason why guests stick to this Clubbing in Barcelona. This is the most popular lounge and club in Barcelona that you shouldn’t miss to visit. With its wide dance floor and lighting system, guests love to party all night. Their music captivates every mind and soul that drives them to be more active. This club can occupy over 1000 guests and opens from 11pm every Thursday up to Sunday. If you opt to visit Mary’s Place, all you need is to pay the €10 to €20 admission fees. With this low entrance fee, you can already enjoy the whole night with your friends.

Bling Bling

The search is finally over with Bling Bling Party in Barcelona. Bling Bling is one of the most exclusive club in Barcelona, it is located at Carrer Tuset in the up scale area of the Barcelona.  Its luxuary vintage style interior,  carefully designed VIP area and stylish glass bars give the modern minimalistic feel to the eyes. The sexy go gos, live saxofone performane and best commercial house hits will definitely impress you. Bling Bling has a capacity of 3000 people and its only open to young people  of 21+ on Thursday night, while of Friday and Saturday the minimum age is 25 years and above.

Eclipse (Hotel W)
Hotel W Barcelona, also known as La Vela, is located on a beach front in Barcelona and near to Barceloneta L4. This hotel offers a perfect nightlife situated on the 26 th floor of the hotel. There, you will see various set-ups from grill menu, unbeatable views to cocktails and others. For guests’ enjoyment, they play distinct music genre that comes from local and foreign hits. This Barcelona Night Life club has a capacity of over 1000 guests and opens from 12am until 3am. Its entrance fee ranges from €10 and €25, depending on its time.

Be Cool
Staying in Barcelona can be more fun and exciting with its different Barcelona Night Clubs and night life activities. If you are bored, try to visit Be Cool. This club is located near Avinguda Diagonal in the upper area of Barcelona and Hospital Clínic L5. With its mid-sized club spaces, guests love dancing and enjoying music all night long. This club can occupy multiple guests, from 1000 and above. For great party night life, it opens every 12am until 5am with €10 entrance fees.

BLVD - Boulevard Culture Club
The BLVD or Boulevard Culture Club is previously known as Club Fellini, a famous night Clubbing in Barcelona. If you walk along La Ramba walking street or Liceu L3, you can easily view this club and enjoy its party scenes. This club provides a perfect mix of techno, pop and modern music. The BLVD can entertain more than 500 guests by paying €10 admission fees. If you want some refreshments, you can visit this club every Wednesday to Saturday from 9pm to 3am.

City Hall
If you want an exciting night life in Barcelona, you don’t need go any further because you can visit City Hall Clubbing in Barcelona. This is a huge club near Plaza Catalunya and Passeig de Gracia. Once you visit this place, you will be amazed of its interior designs with perfect lightning system. This club also plays different music genres that can fit to all generations. With multiple friends, you can enjoy staying at City Hall Club due to its large capacity of 4000 guests. This club just asks a minimum entrance fee of €12 and opens every 12am until 3am.

Otto Zuts
Every night in Barcelona is a wonderful experience with Otto Zuts. This club offers remarkable party in Barcelona due to it wide dance floor and extensive services.  Otto Zuts is located in Lincoln 15 and near to other famous clubs in Barcelona. If you want to hang-out with your friends, you can visit this from 12am until 3am. During special occasions, this club also extends their services until 5am. Otto Zuts also accommodate 500 or more guests with €15 admission fees.

Lively appearance with a combination of stunning effects and music festivals, that’s how Jamboree Clubs look like. If you want to visit Party in Barcelona, you can find this in Plaça Reial 17 near Liceu or Drassanes L3. With its professional DJs, live music and classic and latest hits, guests will become more active. As compared to other clubs, Jamboree brings new face in everyone’s night activity.  This club can occupy more than 1000 guests at a cheap admission fee of €10. As a party lover, you can visit this place every 12am until 5am.

Vetro Barcelona Night Life is mostly preferred by party lovers because of its stunning place. Its interior design is very contemporary with a classy set-up. Vetro is located in Vetro Club C/ Adria Margarit and it operates every 12am until 3am.
If you visit this place, you will probably prefer to stay here for longer hours due to its modern music. Since this club can accommodate more than 1000 guests, you can invite more friends and hang-out with them. With €10 to €20 entrance fee, you can enjoy the night with no worries.

Explore and be amazed on the interior designs of Astoria in Barcelona. This club has a perfect gallery with glass walls and stunning set-ups. It is located in Carrer de Paris near to Diagonal. This club party in Barcelona offers you a memorable experience that can never be experienced in other clubs. With its over 1000 accommodated guest, you can invite your friends and have a reunion there. This club opens every 12am until 5am and has an entrance fee of €10.

La Terrrazza
Have fun and meet new friends at La Terrrazza, a place where guests can express themselves through dance craze and live music.  This Barcelona Night Life club is situated in Spanish Village of Poble Espanyol and near Placa Espanya Metro. If you stay in this place, you will be amazed on how it was constructed due to its style. Since their programme is created by expert DJs and organizers, your life will be more fun than ever. This club can accommodate more than 1000 guests and has €15 entrance fee. It only opens every night from 12am until 5am.

Row 14
If you want to witness an ideal night life in Barcelona, simply visit Row 14 Clubbing in Barcelona. This club is located in Autovia de Castelldefels and is known as the best electronic-music club with both outdoor and indoor spaces. For best services, they always extend their club hours from 12am until 5am. With this club, you can enjoy the night along with your friends.  Even if this club has already become more popular all over the world, its admission fee remains the same. Its entrance fee ranges from €15 and €25. Sometimes, they offer free entrance depending on their promotions and special events.

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